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Case Real Estate’s Commitment to Sellers: Real estate can be like a puzzle – several parts need to come together, at the right time, to produce the desired outcome. Our commitment is to bring you the best possible price in the shortest time. Our agents are local, top of their field, experienced and prompt. We know the value of your listing and will highlight that value to the right buyers to maximize the profit you receive on your home. Your licensed Case Real Estate REALTOR® will provide you with up-to-date industry information and competitive analysis on price,
financing, terms and conditions.

What qualifies and agent as a REALTOR®? A REALTOR® refers to an active member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR). Less than half real estate agents, hold the title REALTOR®. One must be an active member in the local real estate board or association and more importantly must agree to adhere to NAR’s strict code of ethics and standards of practice and have sworn to treat all parties fairly and honestly.

Case Commitment: 24/7 Agent Access

What does a realtor do for their fee?

Your ‘seller’s agent’ or ‘listing agent’ sole duty is to sell your home quickly and at top market value. Their duties include preparing your home for sale, gathering comparable homes sales in the area, finding the value and price for your home, putting together and executing a real estate sales strategy, showing your home to potential buyers, leading the negotiation process, scheduling the estimators and finalizing the paperwork.

What determines my homes value?

There are 5 key factors to determining your home or properties value. 1. Location 2. Market 3. Condition 4. Neighborhood 5. Age. 

How to find a real estate agent.

Do your research. Connections matter, find out what agent is most active in the community you’re selling in. Ask for referrals, read reviews, and make sure that you and the Realtor you choose will have a positive working relationship. Communication is key, so be clear on your expectations from the beginning. Also, during the listing consultation, don’t be afraid to ask what their selling strategy will be for your home and clarify your motivation to sell.

How to find a real estate agent to sell farmland.

Farmers are a tight-knit group and are always waiting to purchase more ground. If you’re selling farmland and non-commercial acreage, it’s best to work with someone connected to those landowners that are looking at buying available property. This can enact a quick sell and a bidding war that will in return put more dollars in your pocket.

Tips for selling my home fast.

1. Analyze the current market 2. Price your home right 3. Choose a connected and hardworking agent 4. Get professional pictures taken by a real estate photographer 5. Declutter and depersonalize your home 6. Be accommodating 7. Have an open house 8. Market your home 9. Use any extra funds to freshen up paint, add plants, deep clean, rearrange furniture and think like a buyer. 10. Stage your home, set the table, bake cookies, light candles … create a positive, clean and fresh experience for those entering your home.

Do open houses sell houses?

Open houses allow your Realtor to get valuable feedback on what the buying public think about your home and its listing price. Open Houses also give buyers a sense of urgency knowing that people will be viewing the house. Realtors should now offer a virtual walkthrough and post it on social media to further market the home.

Should I do a foreclosure or short sale on my home?

Although a short sale can take up to one year to close, it is preferred to a foreclosure. A short sell can allow the seller to recover and buy a new house more quickly and get the buyer into your home quicker as well. Short sale also presents less damage to your credit score. A short sale if done correctly can be a win-win-win (buyer, seller and lender).

What are upgrades I can do to my house to increase its value and where I’ll get my money back?

1. Kitchen upgrades 2. Minor bathroom upgrades 3. Landscaping 4. Fresh paint (interior and exterior) 5. Decorate entry way 6. Create purpose for unused space 7. Add a deck, patio or porch 8. Replace windows 9. Staging 10. Finish basement

House staging tips to sell my home.

Our homes become more functional than fashionable overtime, but buyers are wanting to be wowed, so remove unnecessary furniture, cords and clutter. Add lighter and brighter colors, remove table leaves, set the table for a nice occasion, let in natural light, bring the outside in with plants, store away items that sit on your kitchen and bathroom countertops, replace old hardware with modern finishes, repaint any bold or loud colors, remove all furniture from the wall (Iing beds), remove TVs from everywhere buy the main living space, put white textured linens on beds with throw pillows, pack away all unused items in closet and use matching hangers, hang white towels and a new shower curtain in bathrooms, put away trashcans and all items on counter. Clean, clean clean!

Tips to get the best offer on my home.

1. Make a competitive offer 2. Get pre-approved 3. Discuss options with a lender 4. Increase earnest money 5. Limit contingencies 6. Work with the right Realtor for the home and area

Is it more important to get a well-known agent or an agent from the community I’m looking to sell too?

Connections are the name of the game when it comes to selling your home. You need a real estate agent that knows the area, active in the community, has a pulse on what local buyers are looking for and are proactive with the sales process. If your Realtor is client motivated, they’ll earn their percentage.

Why use a Realtor vs. for sale by owner?

Selling your home is a major investment and should be left to the experts. On average those who use agents usually end up making more on their home, even after the agent’s percentage. Hiring a licensed agent typically result in a faster sale, more money for the seller and less of your time.

How long is too long to have my house on the market?

Every market is different and like all real estate sales it depends on what other houses in your area and price range are doing. Buyers start asking questions when the market is hot, and your listing is not. Also, days on the market can hurt you in the negotiation process, the buyer now knows you have less options to sell. If your home is on the market too long reevaluate your listing, adjust and be accommodating. Pricing your home correctly, is usually the first step to a speedy sale.

What are ways to market my home?

1. Hire a professional real estate photographer. 2. Have a strong online presence 3. Utilize paid digital marketing channels as well as organic 4. Showcase a comparative market analysis 5. Craft a story that will sell your listing in the description and draw attention to any new upgrades

How long is my contract with a listing agent Realtor?

The length of the agreement is up to the terms you set with your Realtor. The average time is 6 months but can be as short as 1 month. Make sure to give your agent time to properly market your listing and make sure your price is comparable or give the listing more time.

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